Learn to drive by doing it yourself. Buy the highly praised book for ONLY 4.99!

Learning to drive can be expensive but with this £4.99  E/Book designed and edorsed by Terry Cummins it will help you learn to drive safely, quickly and also save you money by reducing the hours needed to be spent with a driving instructor who on average charge £20 per hour.

Some of the Key points which are covered are:
  • Moving Off and Stopping
  • Turning Right / Turning Left
  • Crossroads
  • Crossing Traffic
  • Meeting Traffic
  • Good Clutch Control
  • Emergency Stop
  • Roundabouts
  • 3 Point Turns
  • Reverse Parking (to the Left and to the Right)
  • Reversing Round A Corner (to the Right and to the Left)
  • Bay Parking (to the Right and to the Left)

This a revolutionary approach to learning to drive and it has been recommended by the MSA (Motor Schools Association) and the Road Safety Officials who have given their seal of approval.

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